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Cosmetic braces or clear aligners make Cfast discreet and barely noticable. Treatment can also usually be completed in around 4-6 months. 


What is CFast?

Cfast is a gentle, minimally invasive and tooth coloured orthodontic treatment for adults using orthodontic principles to straighten the upper and lower six teeth, the teeth that make up your visible smile.  


How does it work?

CFast used special nickel-titanium wires to straighten teeth in a controlled, predictable and discrete way. The treatment uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as much quicker.


How is it so much faster than traditional braces?

Traditional orthodontics focuses on the position of your bite, so can take many years of treatment wearing metal braces. CFast focuses on just the front teeth that make up your visible smile, so treatment time is far less and the braces used are aesthetically designed, the same colour as the teeth. This is why it is also a preferential treatment to conventional metal braces. 


Will the teeth stay straight after treatment?

After completing the Cfast treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to support your teeth in the new position. This is also discrete and keeps the newly straightened teeth in the correct position.

You can choose from different retainer options, ideally with a bonded retainer placed after Cfast treatment, which is behind the teeth, hidden from view. 


What are the drawbacks?

Cfast is comfortable, affordable and tooth coloured. However, it is a cosmetic procedure and is not always suitable if specialist orthodontic treatment is required. 


For more information, visit the CFast website:

For your suitability ask at your next check up or contact us using the form online. 


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